Compatible with any SIEM and log systems as:

Cloud visibility and threat detection that leverages and augments your existing SIEM/SOC investments

Do you have 100%  visibility of threats and compliance risks arising from your cloud services?

The good news is that SkyFormation can get you there in immediately. We offer an operations-centric CASB (cloud application security broker) solution that augments and leverages your existing Security Operations system and investments to get you there.

  • Leverage your existing SIEM/SOC systems and investments such as DLP, IAM, endpoint management, and threat intelligence to cover cloud services.

  • Detect threats uniquely by delivering granular security information and detection rules on your cloud services and shadow IT in your SIEM.

  • Zero burden your security operations team for development, training, and support of a new SIEM for the cloud (aka Access-centric CASB).

    No intrusive software impacting users.

  • Empower your security analysts with faster incident response, with actionable and unified security events across business cloud services

Boost your security visibility and posture with
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Discover cloud applications


Stay on top of your shadow-IT trends and risks
and ensure acceptable usage policies

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Analyze security risks


Get activities visibility, and detect threats on cloud services in using your existing SIEM/SOC systems

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Protect cloud data


Trigger incident response
on cloud services from your existing IR tool

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Why Get Started Today with SkyFormation?

Activities and Threat Visibility

SkyFormation ensures that each of your cloud services has a dedicated connector accessing the proprietary interfaces and methods to get you visibility of important activities, potential threats and risks that is only possible when combined with the real-correlation and event context your SIEM system provides.  Get visibility of anomalous user access behavior such as sudden changes in location. Detect unauthorized changes in user and admin permissions, network configurations, security settings, and inappropriate file and resource use.


Building effective cloud services threat detection rules for your SIEM often requires intensive on-going professional services work to ensure the full meaning, context, and real-time correlation can be applied to cloud events. SkyFormation offers out-of-the-box threat detection rules built into your SIEM and is easily customized to your SIEM and infrastructure thereby eliminating the need for expensive, time-consuming development and professional services.


One of the unique challenge organizations face is to know what cloud services are being used for business needs, and by whom, in order to detect of security and compliance risks. Doing this can require intrusive endpoint software and significant changes to your network and security configurations. With SkyFormation, there is zero impact to your user experience, no impact to network configurations, and no change to security implementations. There is no need to train your Security Operations staff or incur expensive, ongoing support and maintenance costs.

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